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Artificial Intelligence

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Companies will be forced to decide between becoming compute-heavy or remaining compute-light. Not everyone who decides to invest will succeed because implementing AI is fraught with challenges.

The switch to AI for a media company is as transformative as a car company would undergo transitioning from petrol to EV. And no… it isn’t just about replacing the engine. An EV is a drastically simpler and more efficient product than a petrol car. The entire product, factory floor, and team have to be retooled, retrained, and upgraded.

Application of AI in Editorial Product

ML is pattern-matching, not learning. Given that, most tasks that require human judgment that is pattern-based can be augmented or automated with AI.

AI in Editorial Products

AI in Internet Products

AI in Digital Advertisement

There are three variables in cracking digital advertisement: Right people, Right place, Right advertisement creative. AI can be used to help with all three:

Target advertisement to the right people

Show advertisement in a premium space

Brands can specify what premium means. For example, brands might not want their content placed next to explicit content or polarizing topics. Alternatively, a brand could specify what is the cultural context it wants to be placed along with and AI and try identifying content that meets those social norms.

  • AI could slice news videos or text into small chunks and identify the chunks with the least toxicity.

Regenerate the advertisement creative for space and people

With Generative AI, content can be regenerated such that the facts are maintained but the rest is communicated in a way that meets the target audience. For example, articles can be written in Axios’s business style or explained as in a fun and engaging story. Similarly, the same advertisement creative can be regenerated in regional languages or the models within an advertisement can have their sex and skin tone changed to match that of the target audience.

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