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Implementing AI is fraught with challenges.

The switch to AI for a media company is as transformative as a car company would undergo transitioning from petrol to EV. And no… it isn’t just about replacing the engine. An EV is a drastically simpler and more efficient product than a petrol car. The entire product, factory floor, and team have to be retooled, retrained, and upgraded.

The journey of any organization transitioning to fully-adopt AI is fraught with challenges:

  • Need to build judgment: AI is costly and it is easy to get it wrong. You could spend months building a model and then realize that an underlying hypothesis was wrong and you have to start all over again.
  • Need for change management: People within most critical functions of the organization will have to change, up skill, or retrain to adopt AI. AI will also mandate change in mandate/scope/power of various stakeholders. None of this is easy.
  • Need to expand talent pool: There is limited AI/ML talent pool in the market and the number of companies competing for the same is high.

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