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What’s your preparedness to adopt AI?

Challenges in Adopting AI

  • Building Judgment: AI implementation is costly and complex. Months can be spent developing a model, only to find that an underlying hypothesis was wrong, necessitating a complete restart.
  • Change Management: Critical functions within the organization must adapt, upskill, or retrain to integrate AI. This often requires changes in the scope, mandate, and power of various stakeholders, which is never easy.
  • Expanding Talent Pool: The market has a limited pool of AI/ML talent, and many companies are competing for the same expertise.
  • Data Quality: Do you have clean, unbiased datasets to train your machine learning models on?

Industry Insight: Even giants like Microsoft admit they are not fully prepared to compete against leaders like OpenAI and Google. Check out this CTO admission to Satya Nadella and Bill Gates.


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