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Generative AI in CMS

Why AI in CMS? In the past few months, integrating Generative AI into CMS has become table stakes! OpenAI’s ChatGPT APIs have made this a variable cost. Hence, we invited two CMSes.


I deviate, but I want to spend a bit of time on why WordPress. In the last 10 years, I must have worked on multiple consulting projects to build CMS. Over the years, I’ve built a healthy appreciation for WordPress.

  • Unless you have massive scale, there is limited direct financial ROI that newsrooms have to gain from building and investing in custom-built CMS. Some newsrooms are realizing it now. For example, VOX shut down its CMS and migrated to WordPress.
  • Newsrooms got distracted building supply-side efficiency technology like CMS instead of revenue-generating advertisement targeting solutions.

Representing the WordPress community was Rahul Bansal from rtCamp. They are one of the sharpest WordPress agencies from Pune.

Here’s what Rahul shared:

  • WordPress is a Lego-like modular system, and there are plugins for everything.
  • Altis DXP provides editorial workflow assistance with ChatGPT.
  • RankMath SEO, an Indian company, provides solutions to mass SEO-optimize content using LLMs.
  • Elementor GUI plugin provides background removal solutions right inside of WordPress using LLMs.
  • WPML integrates with different translation models.
  • Akismet provides AI-driven content moderation.
  • FalconAI generates outlines of articles using AI.
  • etc.


One of the most successful custom-built CMS in the market from India is Quintype. Over 200 publishers across the world use them! Chirdeep Shetty, their CEO, walks us through their AI integrations. According to him, LLMs are best left to the OpenAIs and Googles of the world, and the focus of Quintype is to get the UX right as per the workflow of the newsroom. Instead of me trying to explain what they do, I’d recommend watching the video below.


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