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Micro-Celebrities Are Monetizing Their Social Presence

Users spend 10x to 20x more time on social media compared to the time they spend on news media. Given that, it is recommended to invest in both native (on-platform) and social footprint and sell both as part of direct ads.

  • Direct sales. Micro-celebrities can charge brands anywhere from Rs. 30,000 to a lakh for a social media post. Top cricketers charge a couple of crores for a post on their social media handles. This is especially true for videos.
  • Subscriptions. Referral traffic from Twitter tends to give much higher subscription conversions compared to traffic from other sources like Facebook.

TV news anchors have a vast following. Do news companies monetize on their social following and do influencer deals?

“a growing trend of advertisers beefing up their influencer marketing budgets, including companies that you wouldn’t typically associate with creators. Next year, spending on influencer marketing in the U.S. is expected to rise nearly 15% to $5.89 billion, according to a forecast from Insider Intelligence.”

“Influencer marketing has been a way to reach customers who don’t know about the company. “The creator economy is huge for that because they’re hitting up people in various stages of the buying cycle,” said Ravichandran. “The person is not ready to buy, but then something will happen … like somebody tried to steal [their] credit card.” When that happens, the individual may remember the creator’s message and subscribe to Aura.”

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