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All Brands Want To Advertise In Premium Spaces

If brand marketing or display advertising were only a matter of recency and frequency at the lowest possible cost, then brands would advertise on low-cost conspiratorial or explicit sites. However, this would negatively impact the brand of the business.

On the upside, brands want the credibility of the publisher to transfer to them. At a minimum, by advertising with credible publishers, brands avoid unnecessary public backlash. This is why businesses prefer advertising with credible news products over any random blog. This is also the reason why celebrities get ads but not everyone else. However, on news sites too, brands would not want their advertisements next to sad news — crime, rape, death, war, etc.

Below are some of the factors that contribute to premiumness:

  • Medium’s Exclusiveness: An advertisement on Super Bowl night is more valuable than on another media providing a similar set of impressions.
  • Quality of Content: Determines if the media is considered premium by audiences. For example, the stories on The Ken are much more well-researched and nuanced than those on say, a local entertainment gossip news website.
  • Platform: Mobile apps tend to have higher eCPM than websites.
  • Adherence to Cultural Norms
  • Fact-Checked
  • Content Strategy: Make news more meaningful, help people make money, save money, become fit, choose the right gadget, plan travel better, know about the future of the country!

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