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Price Elasticity

Price elasticity is the percent change in quantity of product sold divided by the percent change in price. This number is always a negative number.

  • Elasticity is inelastic, i.e. between 0 to -1. You’ll make more money by raising the price
  • Elasticity is elastic, i.e., less than -1. You’ll make more money by dropping price.

There are several factors

  • How loyal is the user to your Owned Identity
  • Number of substitutes in the market
  • What is your Competitive Differentiation? For example, are there any Owned Network or Switching Costs moats?

Complications. There isn’t a meaningful way to do user research to determine price elasticity. Instead you should do A/B Testing to evaluate how users are responding while keeping in mind:

  • Different customer segments can have different price elasticity.
  • Seasonality can also influence the results.

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