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Using AI to Speed Up Video Creation

We had two vendors pitch: and My assessment is that if you are not already, then go ahead and try out the technology.

Opportunity exists for those newsrooms that lack the “video DNA”. This technology can help bridge that gap and enable you to create videos at scale. It can also help you break away from the traditional reliance on celebrity anchors.

There is significant earning potential in video content since video eCPMs are higher compared to text. By tapping into video SEO and taking advantage of Google’s audio indexing, one can significantly boost visibility. Moreover, building brand IPs opens up opportunities for sponsorships.

Cost-saving is another critical factor to consider.

  • Producing videos, especially at scale, is costly due to expenses such as shooting time, anchor salaries, and editing. This technology can help automate most of this.
  • Furthermore, the capability to multi-publish textual stories in video format and to mass-create videos from automated data feeds, like air quality reports, stock market updates, and COVID-19 statistics, allows to drastically increase supply of videos.

However, risks should not be overlooked.

  • The current state of the technology leaves much to be desired as the anchors, along with their expressions and gestures, can often appear artificial, though it’s important to note that advancements are being made rapidly.
  • There’s a possibility that the content might be perceived as gimmicky if not executed well.
  • Another concern is AI-driven marketplaces adjusting: as more publishers begin to use AI to mass-produce video content, there could be an oversupply, which might lead to a significant drop in video eCPMs. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on expenditures and earnings from programmatic videos on a weekly basis to stay ahead of the curve.

Personally, I want to get my own synthetic avatar made and experiment deeply with this technology.


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