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How to build Intuition To Run Cross-Functional Teams

Want to learn to lead cross-functional teams, even if you’re not deeply versed in the specifics of their disciplines? One effective approach is to familiarize yourself with the primary “thinking techniques” of different professions. These techniques — the ways professionals in various fields extract, absorb, process, and react to information — significantly influence their problem-solving and idea conceptualization methods. For instance:

  • Economists, Data Scientists, and Investment Bankers often employ predictive and mathematical thinking.
  • Accountants, Quality Assurance Testers, and Lawyers are known for their meticulous attention to detail and systematic approaches to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.
  • Engineers, Management Consultants, and Product Managers generally excel in creative problem-solving and innovating solutions.
  • Salespeople, Politicians, and Diplomats are adept at influencing others, building relationships, and negotiating.
  • Editors, Information Designers, and Information Architects are skilled curators of taste.
  • User researchers and reporters tend to display healthy skepticism and thus are able to question and extract information from people.

By training yourself in these thinking techniques, you can better empathize with your team members’ perspectives.

However, it’s important to remember that these are broad generalizations; individuals in these professions may have diverse and unique approaches. Additionally, mastering these techniques requires time and effort, and there’s significant value in fostering an environment that encourages collaboration among diverse perspectives.


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