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Product Manager

A product manager shapes the product and is responsible for achieving impact (or outcome).

Why it matters:

  • On the supply-side, product managers align and optimize the effort of resources — engineering, editorial, and marketing — towards the outcome.
  • On the demand-side, product managers understand the user needs and positions the product in the market.

What do they do:

  • They curate ideas from users and the product organization and assess each idea’s potential impact, prioritize them on the product roadmap.
  • They scope out the selected idea’s requirements and what it would take to ship it.
  • Once the idea is launched, they measure the idea’s performance. Often for this, they’ll use experiment-driven development.
  • Often, product managers also provide customer support and collect feedback from users.

For instance, an editorial product manager advocates for editorial and search engine optimization (SEO), concentrating on aspects such as content templates, CMS filing, pre-content arrangements, and enhancing editorial data experiences.

Composition: The product team can include various domain specialists. For instance, an editorial product manager focuses on editorial and SEO aspects.


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