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Customer Lifecycle

A customer lifecycle is a form of segmentation or funnels that maps customers based on how proficient they are at finding and using your product and features.

Why it matters:

  • Build awareness and tracking of how segments of customers move across levels of expertise.
  • This helps you take decisions on design, features, communication, and pricing tiers to drop churn.

Subscription Lifecycle

  • Pre-membership: What ought to happen before users subscribe? Typically, this would involve getting users to register (login), take a Free Trials, etc.
  • Early-days: In this situation use Onboarding to get users to try out most of the features of the product so that users get the most of their investment. You can further break this phase down into two stages:
    • Newbie: These are people who just started using your product for the first time.
    • Student: These are people who are learning your product but haven’t yet mastered it.
  • During subscription: Use Habit-forming to expand frequency of usage. Create unique flows for users who are disengaged.
  • Pre-renewal: Either Upsell, cross-sell, or right-size the user so that the right plan can be targeted to the user.
  • Post-renewal: After Churn what is your Win-back journey.

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