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Start Initiatives By Writing A Press Release

Brian Chesky’s comments in his interview with Lenny paraphrased: In most situations, engineering and marketing operate in different universes. Marketing focus on either performance marketing (tactic) or brand marketing (too strategic). When both work closely, you get product marketing, which is an educational tool, informing both internal teams and customers about the unique benefits of what’s being created.

  • This involves various strategies such as demonstrations, storytelling through video content, and considering every customer touchpoint to ensure comprehensive understanding.
  • The essence of Chesky’s approach is twofold: first, create an outstanding product, and second, ensure that people know about it.
  • This involves framing each product release as a chapter in an ongoing story, making it relatable and memorable.
  • Such a narrative approach not only captivates the audience but also bridges the gap between the technical brilliance of engineering and the persuasive art of marketing.

Amazon: Similarly, Amazon advocates that product managers start their projects by first writing a press release. This forces them to craft a compelling narrative.


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