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Mobile Apps

The business case for launching Apps

  • Apps are great for Digital Advertisements based media products because even if your app user base is a fraction of your browser user base, the app user base will give you drastically higher Sessions Per User. This is generally because it is easier to build Habit-forming on apps due to Push Notifications.
  • Additionally, the eCPM rates on the app is much higher than browser eCPM.
  • App users tend to convert better to buy Subscription.

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Paid or Acquired Traffic: As of 2020 in India, it typically costs Rs. 50 to acquire mobile app downloads. For these users, you’ve to be confident that the product is strong enough to grow Sessions Per User so they stick around and give you enough revenue in the long run. Another way to track this is to look out for Uninstall to Install ratio.

It seems most media businesses, at least in India, have not built Profitable mobile apps.


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